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A Fresh push for American Apple Brandy

Here is a great piece by Paul Clarke on the resurgence of apple brandy in the cocktail scene. Also, it features a cocktail that we currently have on the menu at Rickhouse. Its a play on the Brandy Milk Punch and I find it perfect for the holidays.

Scottish Breakfast
1 1/2 ounces Scotch
1/2 ounce Apple Brandy
1 ounce cream
1/2 ounce Grade B Maple Syrup
1 dash Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients, except cinnamon, in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass. Garnish with Fresh-grated cinnamon.

The Improved Sunrise...

This past week, we ran a market cocktail called the Improved Sunrise, and since than I have received several requests and emails asking for the recipe.

For those of you that haven't tried it, it is important to note that just as the name implies, the cocktail was directly inspired by the Tequila Sunrise.

I have long felt that although the Tequila Sunrise had an interesting flavor profile, it always fell far short of becoming memorable due to such such shoddy ingredients.

What all too often passes for grenedine these days is simply high-fructose corn syrup with a little red #5 food coloring thrown in for good measure, and what most bars use for orange juice tends to be a flash pasteurized concentrate that was picked from a tree several years prior.

Taking that in mind, I decided to go to work and deconstruct the Tequila Sunrise into a proud cocktail. That being said, here is the recipe for your enjoyment.

The Improved Sunrise:
1.5oz Chinaco Blanco Tequila
.5oz Lecompte Calvados
.75oz Fresh Orange Juice
.5oz Fresh Lemon Juice
.75oz Housemade Grenadine

For those of you looking for a little more froth and texture, please feel free to add a little egg white, if your heart so desires.