Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have myself and my projects featured in a variety of publications. As the world of craft cocktails and beverage continues to permeate society, it is so encouraging to see that the press is taking note and helping to fuel the momentum. While it is very difficult to keep track of all available press, down below you will find some our favorite articles. 

April 2015: Earth Day Cocktails: Baby Blossom Fizz (Chilled Magazine) 
April 2015: 28 Thai-Inspired Cocktails to Enjoy Around The U.S. (Eater) 
April 2015: 21 Best Bars in CA (Thrillist)
March 2015: 8 Simple Scotch Cocktails (Wine Enthusiast)
March 2015: Spring Booze Trends, Lana Kane Recipe (AskMen)
March 2015 : Low Proof, Big Payoff (In The Mix)
February 2015: Best of New York (New York Magazine)
January 2015: America Loves a Bitter Italian (Maxim)
January 2015: Hot & Spicy Cocktails for International Hot & Spicy Food Day (The Drink Nation)
January 2015: Hot Winter Warmers, Hot Buttered Rum (The Spirits Business) 
December 2014: One and Done: A Vanilla Cocktail in San Diego (Conde Nast Traveler)
December 2014: Rough Night? Wake Up to a Beautiful Stranger (Playboy)
December 2014: The Return of Punch (The Salonniere)
December 2014: 10 Revealing Predictions for What You’ll Be Drinking in 2015 (Liquor Dot Com)
December 2014: 2014 In Review: The Year In Cocktails, Bar Trends, New Booze And Looking Ahead (Food Republic)
December 2014: Christmas Cocktails: Peppermint Butler & Hot Buttered Rum (The Spirits Business)
December 2014: Salty Bastard Cocktail (Imbibe Magazine)
December 2014: Our Favorite Hair of the Dog Remedies to Cure Your Hangover (Playboy)
December 2014: Little Daddy’s Holiday Nog (Opening Ceremony)
December 2014: Ocean Side Cocktail (Imbibe Magazine)
December 2014: The Perfect Hot Toddy, Deconstructed (Outside)
December 2014: The 10 Best New Bars In NYC (Gothamist)
November 2014: Pumpkin Pie Recipe (Union Tribune) 
 November 2014: Toast Of The Week: Sexiest Drink Alive (AskMen)
November 2014: The Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Manhattan (Punch Drink)
November 2014: NYC bartenders shake up holiday cocktails (A.M. New York)
November 2014: Shot and a Beer: 8 Experts Share Their Favorite Pairings (Playboy) 
November 2014: Liquor Shots Get a New York-Style Makeover (Wall Street Journal)
November 2014: The Hard Stuff: 5 Liquors to Drink This (GrubStreet)
October 2014: Bartenders Only: The Way Cool Rebirth of a Shot and a Beer (Liquor Dot Com)
October 2014: Why Boilermaker Bartender Erick Castro Makes The Cocktails He Wants to Drink (Village Voice)
October 2014: The Cocktail Heatmap: Where to Drink Right Now (Eater)
October 2014: Raise a Glass: Capricorn at Boilermaker (New York)
September 2014: Holy Negroni! 10 Chefs Share Their Favorite Spots for the Classic Italian Cocktail (New York Magazine)
September 2014: The Best New Cocktail Bars Opening in 2014 (Details)
September 2014: The Daly Dish: Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Bars Pick Up (LA Times)
September 2014: The Country’s Most Innovative Craft Cocktails (Liquor Dot Com)
September 2014: Boilermaker: Craft Cocktails, Craft Beers, and Burgers  (Socially Superlative)
September 2014: Shots & Beers Come Full Circle At New East Village Cocktail Bar (Gothamist)
September 2014: Talking Shop with Bartenders (Imbibe Magazine)
September 2014: Boilermaker Harks Back to an Era of Affordable Drinking (NY Daily News)
September 2014: 13 things you need to drink in NYC this fall (Thrillist)
September 2014: Mixed Drinks on Tap: Faster Manhattans, Negronis and More (Wall Street Journal)
August 2014: 13 Hours in San Diego: Beaches, Tacos & Beer… (Playboy)
July 2014: Wes Anderson inspired cocktail recipes, July 29 2014 (Paste) 
July 2014: San Francisco Wins Big at Tales of the Cocktail 2014
June 2014: Summer Entertaining Tips & Techniques (Imbibe Magazine)
June 2014: A bartenders guide to taking shots across America, Erick Castro (Punch Drink)
June 2014: Game of Thrones Cocktails: Mance Rayder (Bon Appetit) 
June 2014: Top 4 finalists announced, Best High Volume (Tales of the Cocktail) 
May 2014: Tales of the Cocktail Top 10 Finalists (LA Weekly) 
May 2014: Kentucky Buck Cocktail (Saveur)
May 2014: Drink of the Week: Kentucky Buck (Imbibe Magazine)
May 2014: State of the Cocktail Nation (Beverage Media Magazine) 
May 2014: Kentucky Buck Erick Castro, Polite Provisions (Punch Drink)
May 2014: Nice Spice Ginger Beer Adds Zing to Drinks (Saveur)
April 2014: Springtime Sips (Huffington Post)
March 2014: Full Windsor Cocktail (Imbibe Magazine)
March 2014: 10 Underrated Boozes Your Bartender Wants You to Order (Thrillist)
March 2014: Polite Provisions Offers Cocktail Education Classes (NBC)
March 2014: 9 Classic Cocktail Recipes to Memorize (Men’s Journal)
March 2014: Polite Provisions Review (Examiner)
March 2014: Blog, Polite Cocktail Feature (Basil Hayden)
February 2014: A Taste You Hate? (NY Times)
February 2014: Polite Provisions' Erick Castro on Session Cocktails (Eater)
January 2014: Erick Castro's Hangover Remedies (Playboy) 
January 2014: CA Bartenders React to the Glove Law, Castro Commentary (Punch Drink)
January 2014: Polite Provisions Feature (World’s Best Bars)
January 2014: Drams On Draft (Draft Magazine)
January 2014: Erick Castro: The King of San Diego's Cocktail Bars (Virgin Atlantic)
January 2014: Bar Blueprint: Polite Provisions (Imbibe Magazine)
December 2013: Was 2013 the Year of the Kegged Cocktail? (Esquire)
December 2013: 33 Best New Bars in America (Thrillist)
December 2013: Wild Turkey 101 Rye is Back (Mutineer)
December 2013: Our Favorite Dishes (and Drinks!) of 2013 (James Beard)
December 2013: 4 Holiday Cocktail Recipes (Zagat)
December 2013: Best New Bars in the US (Food & Wine) 
December 2013: Oceanside Cocktail (Food & Wine)
December 2013: SD's 7 Best Cocktail Bars (Thrillist)
November 2013: Drinks that rep LA, Erick Castro's Naughty Dog (LA Magazine) 
November 2013: Brewing Up Tasty Cocktails with Coffee (Nightclub & Bar)
November 2013: Coffee Cocktails Beyond Baileys (Wine Enthusiast)
October 2013: 30 Hottest Cocktail Bars in America Right Now (Eater) 
October 2013: 5 Signs Your Bartender is Doing It Wrong (Food & Wine) 
September 2013: 10 All-Star Bartenders You Should Know (Huffington Post)
August 2013: Polite’s Retail Bar Shop (Union Tribune) 
June 2013: Tropical Honey Punch (Food & Wine Cocktail Book)
May 2013: What To Do When It's Too Hot To Drink Scotch (Business Insider)
May 2013: Molecular Mixologists Raising the Bar on Cocktails (Yahoo)
May 2013: Why the Kids Are Off Long Island Ice Tea, Back on Rye Old Fashioned (The Street)
May 2013: 2013 Spirited Awards Nomination Announcement (Bar Life UK) 
May 2013: The Grown-Up's Guide to Tequila Easy, tasty ways to celebrate a festive Cinco de Mayo (Wine Enthusiast)
May 2013: Drink Ford Tough: Bartender Spotlight (Food Republic) 
April 2013: A Drink with Erick Castro, Polite Provisions (Spirits Business)
April 2013: Celery Cocktails (Imbibe Magazine)
April 2013: Simple 4 Ingredient Cocktails (Imbibe Magazine)
April 2013: Best Cocktail Bar, Editor's Pick (Thrillist)
April 2013: UK based pub, A Drink with Erick Castro (Spirits Business) 
February 2013: Raising the Bar: Erick Castro (Liquor Dot Com)
February 2013: UK based pub, Valentine's Day Cocktails: Casanova Cobbler (Spirits Business)
February 2013: Urban Dish: Polite Provisions (Urbanist)
February 2013: Mind Your Manners, Polite Provisions Feature (Tasting Table) 
February 2013: Recipe: Johnny Utah (Tasting Table) 
February 2013: Polite Provisions, Erick Castro bartender profile (Liquor Dot Com) 
January 2013: Where to Drink in 2013: The Best Brand New (and Soon-to-Open) Bars (Details)
January 2013: Bounty By the Glassful (Edible) 
December 2012: Brave Companion Cocktail (Imbibe Magazine)
December 2012: Veronica Rose Cocktail (Imbibe Magazine)
November 2012: Star Castro  (Pacific Magazine) 
September 2012: Erick Castro on the Move (Grub Street) 
December 2011: Champagne Holiday Punch (Food & Wine)
June 2011: Cutting-Edge Cocktail Trends (Time Out)
May 2011: Aperitifs, a Sip of Europe Before Dinner (NY Times)
October 2010: What Makes a Bartender Become a 'Brand Ambassador'? (SF Weekly)
September 2010: A More Perfect Union In San Francisco (Atlantic Monthly)
August 2010: From Bartender to Liquor Brand Promoter (NY Times)
June 2010: Behold the Starry Chef Lineup for This Year's Le Fooding (SF Chronicle)
June 2010: San Francisco Bay Area Rising Star Mixologist Erick Castro (Star Chefs)
June 2010: Wine Cocktails for the 4th of July (Examiner)
April 2010: Kentucky Buck from Erick Castro of Rickhouse Bar (Star Chefs)
February 2010: You Say "Mo-Jai-Toe," I Say Mojito (Atlantic Monthly)
February 2010: Best Bars in the World (Food & Wine)
December 2009: Honey Spiced Punch (Washington Post)
November 2009: How to Make Holiday Punch with Erick Castro (Chow)
July 2009: Ginger Beer Gives a Buck More Bang (SF Chronicle)